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Architecture and Interior Design Professional in Australia

Award winning modern design architect, Allister Sarris uses innovative solutions to create commercial, hospitality and retail designs that are captivating to the eye.

Globally recognised in the field of Architecture and Interior design, SARRIS ARCHITECTURE INTERIOR DESIGN will take your concept to the next level with holistic designs, project management and construction solutions.

Our Founder

For over 25 years Allister Sarris has been commissioned to design and oversee a number of construction projects, including internationally. From Dallas, U.S.A. to Johannesburg, South Africa, Shenzhen, China to Lae, Papua New Guinea, SARRIS ARCHITECTURE INTERIOR DESIGN has been involved in a multitude of innovative projects.

International Designer Architect – Melbourne

This extensive experience has allowed Allister to understand his clients brief by adapting to local and cultural environments. He has a trained eye in providing creative and practical design solutions, which enables him to find ways to add value to unique projects. Allister conducts all projects within time parameters and within budget of his clientele.

Over the years Allister Sarris has developed an unparalleled style, flair and ability to take a concept from an idea to reality. He specialises in transforming empty spaces into aesthetically unique architectural and interior statements.

Allister Sarris consistently creates unique design concepts which maximise the potential of the project beyond the expectations of his clients

Our Firm

SARRIS ARCHITECTURE INTERIOR DESIGN specialises in concept design, spatial planning, interior design, architectural documentation and project management. The firm's headquarters are located in Melbourne, with a satellite office in Singapore.

Our services comprise of practical and innovative solutions that not only adhere to guidelines and regulations, but also strive to fulfil the requirements and needs of each individual client.

The firm has been globally recognised over the years and is acclaimed for its excellence in design. We have catered for a range of clients, including iconic waterfront restaurants, bars and clubs, international and regional shopping centres, food court precincts, international holiday resorts, 5 star international hotels, casinos and gaming venues.

Experience, personal service and delivering quality projects on time and on budget

Architecture and Interior Design – Sydney